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The members of Hog Operation have been part of the Louisville  Bluegrass scene for the past 35 years. Current members are Steve Cooley  (banjo), Larry Raley (bass and vocals), Mike Schroeder (mandolin and  violin) and John Hawkins (guitar). Steve, Larry and Mike previously  performed as part of New Horizon and The Galoots. Steve was also a  member of The Dillards and a Vanguard Recording Artist. Mike is the  founder of the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra.

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Performance at HullabaLOU

​From The Courier Journal, Louisville KY 
And  while I loved artists such as Green, Lynn and Dwight Yoakam, my  favorite moment was completely unexpected. On Sunday, I wandered by the  Bluegrass Stage just as Hog Operation was beginning. Only a handful of  people were there, and none in the paddock directly in front of the  band, so I headed down for solidarity. As the band began playing the  Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil," I found myself enjoying the  festival in a way I so far hadn't. The whole thing had been a blur of  deadlines and tweets and blisters, but as Steve Cooley, John Hawkins,  Larry Raley and Mike Schroeder strolled through the song I knew I wasn't  going anywhere for the next hour. I wasn't the only one, as people on  their way to the infield stopped and listened. By set's end there were  maybe 100 people watching - including John Asher, vice president of  communications at Churchill Downs - and I had a warm feeling that had  nothing to do with the sun baking my tender head. I'm looking for more  of the same next year. 
Reporter Jeffrey Lee Puckett 


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